"When I first set eyes on her, she was married to my best friend..."

"I started my business with a handcart and a $50 loan from my father-in-law..."

"Climbing Kilimanjaro was a lifelong dream. But when I finally reached the top, I felt distinctly underwhelmed..."



You've got a story worth telling. Now's the time to tell it. Whether you want to document your family history, record how you succeeded in your career, or recount a life-changing event, Nell will help you write a memoir worth reading.


Collection of Materials

Getting to know each other: Through a series of writer-guided interviews, Nell will draw out the story you want to tell. From formative events to landmark accomplishments to the details that make a story come alive, she will gather the materials to tell your history in a way that resonates.

Identify theme

Once the interviews are completed, Nell will identify several themes for your story. These could be anything from "self-made man" to "explorer" to "entrepreneur", and are based on your personality and the way that your life reflects the choices you've made. Together, you'll agree on the unifying theme of your story. She'll also isolate the events and experiences that are central to telling your story in the most compelling way.


Nell puts together a comprehensive outline for your approval. As each chapter is written, it will be sent for your comments and edits, so all parties are on the same page every step of the way.

Final Product

The result is a document that permanently preserves your story for future generations. The text, combined with photos if you wish, is hard-bound into a beautiful, professionally designed document that you can give to your family, friends or colleagues.


The cost of each project varies depending on length and other factors. Contact info@thenewmonographer to discuss your project.